Major online platforms are facing intensifying calls for transparency on how they govern their users’ data. Smaller EU-based platforms such as CPN may have an advantage but need to make sure their privacy measures are up to the task.


Thanks to Personal Data Receipts, CPN users have an easy access to a full overview of what types of data the platform collects about them and what the data is used for.

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This article dives into the Core Components, Technology Bricks, and other functionalities that constitute CPN as an “Open Virtual Platform”.

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Discover the four startups that are developing innovative services that will expand the CPN platform.


Content personalisation took the centre stage at the “Personalisation of news matters!“ session, organised in Glasgow as part of the leading annual gathering of chief editors, publishers and CEOs.


At the end of March, the innovation and news department of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT experimented for four weeks with a web application that was built using the CPN software.


Our new report outlines the conceptual architecture and the technological infrastructure – what we call “technology bricks” – behind the CPN platform.

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As part of the second pilot, the CPN project is excited to welcome readers to experience and test news personalisation with the CPN app. This blog post will give an overview of pilot 2: the what, how & why.


Discover how media companies and news readers can test our personalisation software, and much more.


Interested in personalisation? Good news: we’re inviting news organisations to explore and integrate the CPN recommender software!


The CPN hackathon gave tech and media companies the opportunity to learn about the CPN personalisation platform, and allowed them to kick-start their own collaborations that aim to build cutting-edge personalisation tools.

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Almost 100 end-users tested the CPN news recommender platform during the first pilot phase. Here are the main takeaways from the pilot, information about the tested prototype, as well as details about the next steps.

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Discover the first newsletter of CPN.


CPN aims to rebuild trust in personalisation, be and stay relevant, and create a platform that meets the needs of different types of media organisations, large and small.

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“A few pioneering media organisations have started to personalise their user experience. Here is what they did and what the next steps should be.”


How would you like to get news personalised to your taste? If this question doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not a surprise. While the concept of offering online content fitting to the person viewing it is nothing new, there is a great level of mistrust in the idea for different reasons.


The Global Media Forum is Deutsche Welle's yearly flagship media conference, that brings together decision-makers and influencers from the worlds of journalism, digital media, politics, business, civil society and academia. The event regularly attracts around 2.000 guests from more than 130 countries and took place in Bonn from June 11th-13th this year.


The main goal of the CPN project is to create innovation in the way content creators can structure content production, distribution and in-depth interaction with audiences.


Compared to neighbouring media industries, the news publishing industry has been relatively reluctant to adopt personalisation in their offering. CPN wants to actively take part in this evolution and assist European news publishers to adopt personalisation.


CPN is an Innovative Approach to Content Personalisation, write Tilman Wagner and Olga Kisselman (Deutsche Welle).

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WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation has joined the project to connect it with its network of media professionals that could benefit from it.

Welcome to the CPN project (Content Personalisation Network)! With a team of broadcasters, media companies and technology providers, we work towards a new approach for personalising digital content, enabling economic impact for large and small news publishers.


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