Become a CPN pilot partner and join the next phase of news personalisation

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The Content Personalisation Network project (CPN) offers a new, transparent approach to personalise digital news content, delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right context. The CPN consortium has developed an industry-leading software solution to news personalisation, which enables news organisations to deliver personalised content to their audiences.

Interested to hear more? Good news: News organisations are now able to explore and integrate the CPN recommender software!

Become a CPN pilot partner

European news organisations are invited to join and fully benefit from the CPN software - for free. During the next phase of the project, you are either able to use and share the CPN platform with your own content or integrate the CPN software in your own app. Of course, our technical team is there to support at every step of the way. As a pilot partner, you will get a head start in creating a solution that delivers personalised content, relevant to every member of your audience, while taking into account serendipity to broaden your readers’ interests.

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