3… 2… 1… Project CPN has taken off!

Group photo of the consortium members, taken at the CPN kick-off meeting.

Group photo of the consortium members, taken at the CPN kick-off meeting.

Welcome to the CPN project (Content Personalisation Network)! With a team of broadcasters, media companies and technology providers, we work towards a new approach for personalising digital content, enabling economic impact for large and small news publishers.

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Europe is scattered with media companies, large and small, that represent an enormous amount of cultural diversity. On a daily basis, millions of news content items have to find their way to millions of users. The CPN project takes up the challenge of developing a new approach to personalise the daily news offer, allowing both large and small media companies to better target their content to media consumers. As a media consumer, you will be able to better receive news, in the right format at the right time, and in a fitted context.

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With CPN, we will provide media users with a seamless and reliable news experience on different platforms and provide media companies with effective news distribution solutions. Therefore, we will develop a virtual open platform (with reference architecture) where on the one hand, media professionals are able to receive faster and more targeted cross-channel news and information distribution solutions, and on the other hand, users are able to experience more attractive and engaging news and information.

To make this happen, we aim to create novel services targeting content personalisation and real-time analytics on the platform. This will provide users with personalised news feeds, insights into the impact of news and information in their daily lives, while at the same time break them free from the filter bubble, which can contribute to more nuanced and factual opinions in larger society.

Throughout the duration of the project, we will iteratively test and validate the solution in operational real-life environments in different countries (Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, and Italy) by setting up large scale pilots.


Take a look at our project website. There, you will find more information about the CPN project and a detailed description of the different work packages.

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Project Partners

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