Highlighting the startups working with CPN

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Discover the four startups that are developing innovative services that will expand the CPN platform.

After the CPN recommender was presented in February at the CPN Hackathon in London, a group of startups started working on new services that will enhance and add to the existing features of the CPN platform.

The four companies presented their solutions at the personalisation session in June during the World News Media Congress in Glasgow. Check out a video recap from the event below, and scroll down for more information about the startups and the solutions they are creating for CPN!


What does your company do?

Kensai is artificial intelligence that understands the narrative from omni-channel data streams. We hyper-scale various AIs in the cloud to achieve fast and accurate sentiment and keyword extraction around brands, products and people.

What is the solution that you are building for CPN?

Kensai is building a solution for newsrooms to monitor the narrative in real-time on Twitter around any news story to personalise it to their audience. In the future, this can also be used to help eliminate the filter bubble by providing contrasting views underneath the article to give a broader picture.


Will Crosthwait, CEO / Co-Founder

Twitter: @WillCrosthwait

Email: will (at) kensai.tech

Website: kensai.tech


What does your company do?

Loomi.ai is a London-based technology company focusing on creating human-focused artificial intelligence in order to take the next step in the information evolution.

Our mission is to provide simple, intelligent choices for people to manage the endless flow of information that is modern life. We build technology that removes admin complexities and information overload to create space in our customers' lives and minds, so they can achieve more. We believe highly developed personal AI assistants are the solution, assistants that know your preferences, priorities and goals and organise information in one seamless interface.

What is the solution that you are building for CPN?

Loomi.ai is building a personalisation news focused ontology for the CPN project with the main objective of enhancing the accuracy of the personalisation recommender algorithms. The ontology can be used to formalise both the user and her/his interests, and the news content. The developed ontology allows matchmaking between user and content at different levels. The service will have the capacity to help other news providers increase the accuracy of the personalisation they do through either the CPN project or accessing the service directly.

al-ramich-loomi (1).png

Name: Al Ramich, Founder and CEO

Twitter: @LoomiAssistant

Email: al.ramich (at) loomi.ai

Website: www.loomi.ai


What does your company do?

U-Hopper is an SME based in Trento, a city in northern Italy, among the Alps. We are a deep-tech company developing IoT and BigData analytics solutions with the aim of helping our customers to create value out of their data. We are specialised in big data analytics and data visualisation, business and customer intelligence solutions, chatbots and blockchain applications. Our team is young, international and gender balanced.

What is the solution that you are building for CPN?

Our solution is called Tapoi, a customer intelligence service that builds profiles based on customer online actions, allowing businesses to provide targeted and tailored services, personalising user experience and achieving higher conversion.

Currently, CPN understands the user's interests analysing what the user has read on the platform; Tapoi will provide a new source of information to enrich such profiles, inferring user's interests from their social activities. In this way it is possible to mitigate both the cold start and the filter bubble problems.

pomini_nicolo (1).jpg

Nicolò Pomini, Software Developer

Twitter: @nicolopomini

email: nicolo.pomini (at) u-hopper.com

Website: www.u-hopper.com


What does your company do?

Yoop is a data management and intelligence company that uses machine learning, blockchain and big data analytics to empower organisations and customers make better decisions. Spun off research at the University of Nottingham, the company is now looking to commercialise its innovative technology - starting from the news media sector.

What is the solution that you are building for CPN?

Yoop is building a unified user identity for content providers - a simple way for users to reap the benefits of news personalisation without losing control over their personal data. The product, called ID ward, is unique in three ways. First, it creates a much simpler and more attractive experience for user login. Second, it builds much richer user profiles than anything else on the market - this is the sort of data underpinning personalisation, product development, marketing and advertising that big tech amass in huge quantities, but content providers can only dream of. Finally, it gives users unprecedented transparency and unparalleled control over their own personal data, minimising the trade off between privacy and personalisation. ID ward is not tech for tech's sake, far from it: it is tech with a very direct impact on the content providers' product and revenues.

Mattia_Fosci (1).jpg

Contact person: Dr Mattia Fosci

Twitter: @MattiaFosci

email: mattia.fosci (at) yoop.io

Website: www.yoop-tech.com

Winner of the Most Promising Startup award: At the WAN-IFRA Congress, the CPN award for the most promising startup was given to Yoop! The judges said that all companies gave a clear description of what their applications would provide. Yoop stood out thanks to the clarity on how their solution could be applied in media specifically. Moreover, the judges said the company articulated clearly its application’s potential impact on the media industry.