WAN-IFRA one of nine CPN partners

The CPN Project is researching and developing an improved personal news offer, enabling economic impact for large and small news publishers. WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation has joined the project to connect it with its network of media professionals that could benefit from it.

Europe is scattered with media companies, large and small, representing an enormous amount of cultural diversity. Millions of news content items have to find their way to millions of users.

The CPN project (“Content Personalisation Network”) will tackle the challenge by developing a new approach to personalisation of digital content, allowing both large and small media companies to better target content to media consumers.

For media consumers, CPN aims to enable a better delivery of news, insights and informations in the right format at the right time and in the right context to each media consumer. User data will be used and combined with content metadata through the use of advanced mapping technology in order to create better information distribution, while at the same time respecting user privacy at all cost.

The CPN project fits WAN-IFRA’s mission to explore the possibilities of better using content and to help the News Publishing industry to be at the forefront of innovation on this topic.

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