D3.1 Initial Design and APIs of Technology Bricks

The purpose of this deliverable is to enumerate the components and services foreseen in the project with a focus on those to be included in the first prototype of the platform. For each component, a brief description of its functionality is provided, along with parameters, input, output, and API examples (where applicable).

The primary focus of the third work package is to provide the needed infrastructure for supporting the development of the CPN platform, and to provide the set of components for supporting the implementation of the CPN pilots. The CPN platform is conceptually composed of several layers, which in turn consist of the different modules that will enable the system functionalities. The CPN platform foresees the integration of three different layers of modules:

1. The Content Layer: will focus on the extraction of relevant information from the different content sources. This layer is composed of two types of services: (1) content procurement (for structured and unstructured heterogeneous data stream gathering) and (2) knowledge extraction (for user personalisation such as relations identification and clustering).

2. The Mapping Layer: The goal of this layer is to provide services which map content onto users. The services in this layer will make content available to the users through personalisation and contextualization processes. Further, the layer also includes permission and contract aspects, which will assist with overcoming legal and ethical issues, as well as preserving privacy criteria and copyright.

3. The User Layer: this will offer specific services to deal with the user data itself. It will contain modules that create user profiles which potentially include preferences, socio-demographical information, history etc., as well as services to appropriately handle user context.

At this stage we foresee the CPN platform in need of the following 13 technology bricks, as described in this deliverable: