D2.2 CPN Reference Architecture

The main goal of CPN project is to create innovation in the way content creators can structure content production, distribution and in-depth interaction with audiences.

To do this CPN will realize an innovative Open Virtual Platform.

The microservice architecture offers a series of benefits well suited for the CPN platform requirements. A process of selection of the most proper model involved a comparison between Service Oriented Architecture and the microservices models. The analysis brought to the choice to implement a reference architecture referring to microservices model for many reasons including the possibility to have an easy and robust development and integration process for the components realized by different partners. Moreover the specific implementation was aimed at obtain the independence between applications, infrastructure, deployment and operation environments; this constitutes an easy environment for the development of solutions exploiting CPN.

This Reference Architecture document contains the guidelines and the template of the architecture to be used in CPN to develop this Open Virtual Platform.

Starting from the goals and requirements of the CPN project, the document describes the design and implementation choices to obtain a flexible and extensible architecture and the guidelines for implementation, deployment and communication among components.

Furthermore interoperability rules have been defined for the integration of external components and the creation of new features.

You can find the deliverable here