D6.2 Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan explains how the different datasets of the CPN project are stored and shared with third parties.

The datasets are assembled and constructed in order to fulfill the project goals. The main datasets are the Article dataset, the User dataset, the User Behaviour dataset and the User Profile dataset. Possibly, datasets for NLP and social media will be added.

After pseudonymisation and aggregation of localisation data, the datasets will be made publicly available through an open repository. The thus shared datasets will comply to the GDPR and to the FAIR principles. Complying to these, makes the datasets both safe and ethically correct.

Efforts are underway to implement data management principles throughout all partners.

The DMP is a living document, which means that updated versions will be created as part of the progress being made in the project. This version reflects the status based on the information currently available in the project.