The CPN project aims to research, identify and define the qualities and features of a new approach to personalisation of digital content. Through this work we aim to create a new connection between content producers and content users. To get there, an in-depth identification of the requirements is critical. The focus will not only be to understand aspects needed for the technology platform. Instead, a number of aspects will come into play: Behaviour, perception, trust, willingness to interact with a system, etc. To make CPN a success the requirements must be gathered to describe a compelling, elegant and novel formula for news delivery and news packaging.

WP1 to this end plans for an extensive identification of requirements, both for end users and producers. One key assumption is that users will welcome a personalisation and recommendation offering if the balance between ad- hoc consumption and interaction with preferences is innovative and compelling.

The core objective is to identify the needs, expectations and motivations for single users to accept personalisation and experience the offering as an enhancement, either by perceiving to be better informed or by spending less time to “hunt” for relevant news or other aspects to be defined in this phase.

The requiremens are highly important to the project, specifically as personalisation is not only driven by availability and technology, but by many open as well as hidden beliefs and habits of many users. The key idea of CPN is to offer a clearly different experience for news consumption, WP 1 needs to provide all information needed in subsequent phases to actually define, create and launch an entirely new recommendation layer leading into the future of information distribution. 


The main objectives of this work package are:

  1. To define the reference architecture of the CPN open virtual platform relying on the requirements input from WP1. The Architecture definition will also include the design of both the internal operational processes and the system interfaces for the platform interoperability with other system in the ecosystem.

  2. To define the system interfaces for the virtual platform adoption by stakeholders.

  3. To develop the CPN platform operational plan and put it in place. The plan will cover all the aspects, including actual realization and testing & trials on respect of requirements and KPI defined in WP1.

  4. To define the overall mechanisms for components integration including the related system interfacedefinition, in order to provide input to WP3 for actual Technology bricks and smart components realization. 


The objective of this work package is to develop the technology modules that are necessary for the operation of the foreseen platform. Here, we provide a baseline that will necessarily be provided and to a great extent based on technology that the technical partners already possess.


The objective of this task is to develop a flexible, coherent and scalable data platform infrastructure to support context aware recommendations/personalisations services and deployment. Validation subtasks include full cycle data handling (integration, merging, cleaning standardisation), platform management, prototyping and evaluation, scalability, functional testing performance testing of platform and services as well as user acceptance testing of the end solution. 


The main objectives of this work package are:

  1. To develop a dissemination and exploitation strategy and plan for the project
  2. To maximise innovation, transfer by ensuring visibility of the project activities and plans to the relevant communities
  3. To streamline the project’s communication activities
  4. To reflect on the possible business models and exploitation models 


The main objectives of this work package are:

  1. To provide overall project management and coordination;
  2. To ensure the quality management and assurance;
  3. To maintain the information flow between partners;
  4. To provide administrative and financial control according to the work plan;
  5. To coordinate the dissemination and promotion activities and to present the project to the EC.