Pilot the CPN software
& get a head start on personalising news

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Happy readers
Increase and please your audience by delivering relevant stories at the appropriate time

CPN allows access to GDPR compliant analytics that enable you to measure improvement and source content in a reliable way

Fully customisable and easily integrated software
By and for news organisations

The extra mile
CPN also takes into account the diversity and serendipity in news, to broaden your readers’ interests 

Free of charge
As a CPN pilot partner, you are able to use the CPN software for free. Your feedback is needed to help shape future CPN developments. Meanwhile, you are able to contribute to a personalisation software that takes into account your needs and ambitions.

CPN enables news organisations to personalise their news content, based on their readers’ preferences.

The consortium has built its own recommender and algorithms. As a news organisation, you are able to upload and personalise your content on the existing CPN platform or integrate the CPN software in your own news app.

CPN allows personalisation for the following languages:
English, Dutch, Greek.

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Become a CPN pilot partner & personalise your content for free!
How you can join:

  1. Explore CPN as a user
    Demo the platform as a visitor

  2. Use the CPN platform with your own content
    Personalise your own news content in the existing CPN platform
    Share the platform with your readers

  3. Integrate the CPN software in your own app
    Personalise your news content in your own app with support from the CPN technical partners